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Happy Friday!

9 Nov

This weekend will be a time of celebration for liberals everywhere, less so for conservative pinners. I’m playing a tiny violin for them right now.

While you bask in hope for the future, new civil rights, and relief for women, check out and follow these great boards:

Have a fantastic, rape-apologist-free weekend!

Obama on election night 2012

It’s still summer

19 Aug

Despite the creeping fall fashion finds on Pinterest, I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the very important fact that It. Is. Still. SUMMER. Both my AC and sweat mustache are still on, so please stop it with the pumpkin crafts and Halloween tomfoolery.

To get back in the correct seasonal mood, simply type summer into Pinterest’s search bar, and scroll. You could also go and befriend everyone on Pinterest named summer, or you could visit summer boards.

There are bad summer boards (you’re fat!) and there are good summer boards, filled with sweet corn, sunshine and tire swings.

Did you go to camp? If so, feel free to browse through this board and have yourself a good nostalgia cry. Then go sign up your kids for camp.


8 Aug

It’s happening, it’s really happening! Pinterest has opened itself to all users, so you now no longer have to wait for an invite or languish on a wait list to pin and be repinned.

Previously, aspiring pinners had to watch as their friends were accepted into the social network, grasping for an invite only to be left behind.

An animated Gif of a cat and a dog attempting to get across a pool. The cat reaches the edge first, and takes a suf board over, gliding. The dog is left behind, and saunters off, disappointed and ashamed.
But now, everyone’s welcome:

An animated gif of puppies screeching across a floor, in a huge hurry.

Join now! You don’t have to wait anymore!

An animated gifs of cats turning a corner on a slipper floor, then jogging out of frame.

I can’t wait until all the new pinners pour in, and I just drown in terrible things to post. This is an exciting day for Pinfuriating!

Just scrolling along, when suddenly…

8 Aug

Right between the apple smiley snacks and cutesy Urban dresses, BAM!

A screencap of Pinterst's popular page by Jessica Martin, showing a random naked photo of a very hairy man in between pins of sweet peppers and girly dresses.

Dick pic! The pin has since been removed, due to its porny, extremely hairy nudity. Even the lady beside him has to cover her eyes.

I went the classy route and covered him up with our logo, but if you want a hint, just glance at the pin above and right. Yes, I went there.

Thanks to Jessica Martin for submitting this pin on our Facebook page! See a disgusting pin? Post a screencap or URL to so I can blog about it!

Who else is loving the corgi category?

21 Jul

I’ll admit it: I’m not a dog person. If there’s a type of dog that I can stand, however, it’s a corgi. So adorable and impish! They’re the owls of the dog world, but their influence is growing, not waning.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover Pinterest’s corgi category.

An image of the category list of Pinterest, including the new Corgi category.

Are you as excited about it as I am?

A photo of thousands of corgis, with the caption, suddenly, corgis, thousands of them. Demotivational style.

I mean, just look at these pins. C’mon. No, I’m not going soft. I just can’t find my grouchy, sarcastic edge when confronted with adorbs corgi photos.

Gooooood morning!

20 Jul

My, aren’t we up early! In the spirit of starting the day with a smile rather than a smirk (or at least some sort of smirk/smile hybrid), I’ve found a tattoo that I would actually get.

No, it isn’t a picture of a grinch, or of a balloon being popped (those would be cool, though). It’s something I truly love. Amidst the crowd of dolphin/flower/koi fish tattoos, this one is refreshing.

An image of a cup of java on an ankle.

Although, if I was ever without coffee and craving it, I may be attempted to try to smell this ankle. Worrying.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Become the office hero

13 Jul

Not all of us can be Michael Scott. Not all of us have colleagues who are afraid of how much they love us. If you’re reading this from your cubicle this morning, you may be thinking, how can I become more liked here? How can I become the office hero? Mug-worthy?

I’ll tell you how. Behold:

An office water cooler, with Moet champagne instead of a barrel of water.

2748 repins, worth every one.

Love the comments! Don’t just put it in the suggestion box, Mandy, make it happen. I think this trick would be even more effective with Jack rather than champagne.

Happy Friday!



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