Pinterest explodes for Obama win

6 Nov

Romney repinners, read this and weep.

After a tense Pinterest battle fought election board by election board, snarky comment by snarky comment, the pinners of the United States of America have come to the end of a bitter race.
Pin of Obama smiling

That’s right.

Romney looking chagrined, with mean girls quote superimposed: boo, you whore.

Voting against the apparent general opinion of pinners, Americans have chosen Barack MUSLIM FOR SURE DESPITE ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY Obama.

Four more years for 44 means four more years of economic recovery, war ending, and maybe, just maybe, fewer pins like these. I can dream.

Screen cap of pro obama pins on Pinterest.

Yes we did. Republican house, Democratic senate and Barack Obama as Commander in Chief.

Christmas came early for Democrats on Pinterest. Colorado even legalized weed.

If I had a mic, I’d drop it.

I’ll try to contain my excitement enough to look back at how the election played out on Pinterest over the past few months.

Sorry, Monika N. Joe Whyte of the “Romney!!!!” comment above, but your multiple exclamation marks just weren’t enough. Democrats on Pinterest fought hard for this win, pin by pin.

After garnering less repins and likes than GOP-related content, Obama is all over the popular page right now.

Republican pinners did, however, dominate on Pinterest–they put up a good fight. I look forward to their continued bickering about the Democratic senate filibustering everything, as they completely forget what Republicans did to the Democratics over the past four years.

As you can see, ballsy pinners like Chris fought right back, venturing onto conservative boards to question Romney’s policies at every opportunity.

Now we can all sit back and watch Pinterest’s popular page explode in celebration and fits of conservative rage. I’m celebrating with a Pinterest-recipe mug cake. You?

To all those who voted and repinned election pins, nice work participating in the democratic process that is both a privilege and a right. To all those who could but didn’t, you just lost your right to complain about anything political for the next four years. Zip it.

Don’t worry, Republicans. Since this is a legitimate election, I’m sure you’ll find a way to shut this whole thing down.

Stress eating microwave mug cakes, help

6 Nov

It’s too close to call! Pinterest is collectively having conniptions over the election, and so am I.

Comments, repins and likes are flying on Obama and Romney pins. Check back here soon for a big Pinterest election post when the results are announced.

We just CANNOT HAS this again (as if you didn’t know which way I would vote).

I cannot stress-eat one more mug cake over right-wing ignorance or be put in a binder.

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Happy Friday

2 Nov

No Less snark in this post. It’s the weekend!

Source: via Joyce on Pinterest

There are so many heartwarming pictures to celebrate on Pinterest this week. My favourite?

Source: via Pinfuriating on Pinterest

If you’re in New York or New Jersey, or any area that got thoroughly stomped by Sandy, I hope you’re safe and well. If you are indeed safe and well, click here to find out how you can help those left less fortunate in the storm’s wake. The NYC Parks Department has put out a call for immediate volunteers in New York and New Jersey; you don’t have to have any special skills to help with the clean up.

/end serious Sandy stuff

I’ll forget for a moment the totally illogical nature of this photo to wish you a wonderful weekend.

Source: Uploaded by user via Jeanette on Pinterest

Have a great weekend! And remember to VOTE!

Pierre has some explaining to do

2 Nov

It’s difficult to find a pin of a tattoo without a raging comment war. Those will look hideous when you’re old! You think my old skin will look any better?

It’s rare that I side with the Ink Belongs on Stationary contingent, but in this case…

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Real or not real

1 Nov

We’ve all seen pins with comments reading, “Is this real?” They’re usually a pretty good sign that the pin in question is, in fact, not real.

Two necklaces inspired by the hunger games, one reading real, and one reading not real. Real or not real.

The bunny/kitten hybrid? Not real. The delicious pumpkin bread with only 3 calories per slice? Not real.  A road shaped like a treble clef just because?

Not real, Elissa. Gotta love that imagination, though.

Trick or tutu

31 Oct

It’s Halloween, and your kids care about one thing: CANDY! How much can I eat before I throw up? Let’s find out!

Parents–especially Pinterest parents–seem to have far more on their minds. Does my kid look cute? And more importantly, does my little girl look sexy sassy? Does she look pretty and girly enough? No? IT’S TUTU TIME.

Spot the difference:

Strength versus beauty, because little boys should be strong, and girls should be “super sweet.” LOVING the stockings.

Evidently, the traditional spidey suits are just too masculine and unpretty for female tots, who need to show off their narrow little waists and plenty of skin.

I have a few ideas about who might be responsible for girls and their parents becoming obsessed with looking pretty and feminine at such an early age,

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15 Oct

If you frequent this blog regularly , you may be wondering, whither the posts? They’re on their way, I promise.

Today I’m switching from to a self-hosted blogging platform, which means more customizations and awesomeness. And more posts for you to enjoy.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the categories for past LOLs, and check out What Should We Call Pinterest for daily gif gags.

Alternatively, you could listen to this song on repeat:

When I smoke a nasty Pinterest commenter on this blog…

9 Oct

… And that commenter finds the post, I’m just like:

Feels good.

Einstein, faith, and turtles, turtles all the way down

6 Oct

The most popular man on Pinterest? If you guessed one or both of the Hemsworth brothers, you’re wrong. It’s this guy.

Einstein’s inspiring quotes have made him one of the most repinned men on Pinterest. Surely, you’ve seen this one around:

Screencap of a Pinterest pin. Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.

I just love it when pinners write my commentary for me. See Sanderella’s (Great name!) comment for my feelings on the overly generous quote. I get the felling that the above is just Einstein trying to be nice; it doesn’t actually mean that he believes everyone is as smart as he is. See his thoughts on stupidity:

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

Einstein, capable of delivering quite third degree burns verbally, was an exceptionally clever man on all counts. See his theory of relativity, and this quote on mixing patterns:

See? Perfectly logical, and accredited with certainty with more certainty than the insanity below to Einstein, apparently quite the fashionista.

Not all Einstein quotes on Pinterest are, however, drawn from the scientist, or even from common sense. The most pinfuriating “Einstein” repin is probably this missive:

Take time to read, it’s worth reading, trust you? I don’t trust any pin that originates on Facebook from a blacked-out username.

The conversation is supposedly between Einstein and a professor, and in it Einstein successfully proves the existence of God by disproving the teacher’s belief in the scientific process. Maybe. Does something about this pin seem off to you? Congratulations!

Animated gif from ratatouille of a chef toasting the main character, congratulations on your non idiocy.

Something is off: the entire pin. Here’s how the conversation the pin captures would have started if it were drawn from real life, not a religious fantasy of science submitting to faith:

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Pinterest: the Mormon housewife’s image bookmarking service of choice?

3 Oct

Controversy, controversy, controversy! Buzzfeed has declared that Pinterest is killing feminism.

I often argue on this blog that Pinterest can hurt women. I believe in equality and a woman’s right to self-determination, and am therefore a feminist, and like the article’s author  Amy Odell, this often results in me condemning the new social platform. Pinterest normalizes behaviors that undermine female empowerment–thinspo, youth worship, overemphasis on marriage and men, time-sucking beauty routines (braid your hair and paint your nails or else!)–but it is also a place where women congregate to share empowering pins. Todd Akin is stupid! No, your daughter doesn’t have to wear a tutu! Odell does concede on that: “Pinterest might come with airbrushing, but at least it lets you decide just how much of it becomes part of your own user experience.”

Here’s the article’s basic thesis:

“Pinterest — which drives more traffic to and than Facebook and Twitter combined — has become impossible to ignore, even as critics deride it as ‘the Mormon housewife’s image bookmarking service of choice.'”

What do you think?


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