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How to have fun while you’re young

22 Jun

When I first started this blog, I thought, you know what? I’m not going to touch religious pins. I’m just going to stay away.

That didn’t last very long. There’s just too much that’s ripe, ripe for satire. Some of the Godly pinners remind me of my favourite Arrested Development characters; their complete lack of self-awareness is an excellent source of LOLs.

I can’t help myself. To those Bible literalists, I’m sorry if I offend you. And seriously, stop taking the Bible literally. It’s not meant to be read that way. Leviticus? Yeah.

The Bible has tons of advice about how to have fun when you’re young. These include living a loving, meaningful life, in which do unto them as you would have done unto yourself. Or something.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that limiting yourself to association only with other Christians isn’t what Jesus meant when he went to hang out with lepers and prostitutes.

Pinner Cindy Fredrickson disagrees. Here are her stringent dating tips for young women:

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FYI: You need your father’s permission to emote

22 May

Heart damaged by love? This pin leads to a blog, Femina Girls, which would like you to know that for every time you fall in love, your heart becomes damaged, and less able to love. Unless you pray to God for forgiveness! In which case, he may give you a new heart, which makes all of this “train your heart” BS completely pointless. The main crux of the “training” is the belief that love  is a finite, limited object, and if you use it too recklessly, you’ll run out.

Where did the women behind Femina Girls discover this important information? THE BIBLE. Obvi. Nothing about boundless love in there.

The post this pin leads to pretends to attack the notion of “guarding your hearts”, but then comes out in firm support of the “old-fashioned” (ie from an imagined time in America’s purer, more decent past that doesn’t actually exist) concept. Here are the basics:

“Just because you “feel” something doesn’t make it ok. We too often think that when we “feel” a certain way, that somehow validates it. If it’s something you shouldn’t be feeling, make yourself stop. Pray for grace. If your “feeling” is a sin, confess it.” Bury your emotions! Lead yourself not into temptation! BAER. To feel anything properly, you need your father’s authorization. Read on:

An image of a link to the blog, with comments about how it is important for women to GUARD THEIR HEARTS

Guard your hearts, ladies! They can only love properly once, at least where women are concerned; men, apparently, can fall in love as often as they like.

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Why think at all?

14 May

Whenever someone pins an atheist quote on Pinterest, I’m just like:

An SNL character saying God Help Us All. Clicking this will take you to the original What Should We Call Me post.

Watching the collision of atheism with hard-line right-wingers is like watching Sarah Palin mud wrestle with Hilary Clinton. Can’t. Look. Away.

With this Richard “Heretic” Dawkins pin, the debate begins with an unlikely dose of calm and logic. Dee reasonably says that religion teaches us “to not judge the world.” Then Shelly chimes in, proving Dee wrong.

An athiest quote, followed by reactions from Evangelicals.

Shelly, an apt representation of the worst of Pinterest.

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