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Rudolf the red-nosed sock bun

20 Dec

It’s Christmas. To spread awareness of this little-known solstice celebration, it’s important that you cover yourself entirely in Christmas signifiers: Santa sweaters, green elf slippers, and reindeer antler headbands.

These things, however, aren’t enough on Pinterest. What if someone sees you from behind? How will they know it’s Christmas?

A large bun with a red scrunchie shoved in the middle, with two googly eyes above and pipe-cleaner antlers.

Does this say Rudolf to you? To me, it kind of reads more “gagged Elmo throws his hands up in despair.” Could be just me, though.

The advertisers are coming!

31 May

Gird your loins, pinners! Brands are catching on to the social network, and are scheming to turn it into yet another fantastic opportunity to sell you their stuff.

As Jezebel and Forbes report, retailers have been slow to catch on to the “new” social network. But big companies are now making up for lost time.

The lack of brands on the network has always surprised me; the site is, in essence, a shrine to consumerism. People post things they want and things they have, and encourage each other to buy more out of envy and a need for an insane level of domestic “perfection”.

Apparently, Pinners are an unusually affluent group just waiting to burn their money. Jezebel shares, “Pinterest users have money to burn; most of them have a healthy household income between $50,000 and $70,000.” What? I guess that explains all the DIY pillowcase dresses and links to frugal living blogs.

How can we fight these advertisers? Do not repin them, and leave snarky comments when they post something obviously self-promotional. In essence, treat them like Pinfuriating treats mommy bloggers: show no mercy.

Jezbel writer Erin Ryan shares my feelings on the expanding presence of brands on Pinterest:

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Rolling in the swamp

23 May

If you were invited to a “cocktail casual” tea party in a swamp, what would you wear? I know I have nothing in my closet for such an occasion.

Well, I thought I didn’t.


A pair of hideous brown, flared, layered pants pinned on Pinterest.

Layers, flare, a sash, and a touch of ruffle–what’s not to love?

105 re-pinners agree: these pants are hot. But, what if the party venue was changed last-minute from swamp to 90s revival party? What would you wear then?

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