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Baby, it’s cold outside…

26 Nov

…but it will never be cold enough for a chest-puppetted dress like this.


A head-to-toe sock monkey dress.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s cute, but when would I ever wear it?


The only redeemable quality of this scratchy woollen nightmare is the quasi-practical monkey backpack, and upon closer inspection, it doesn’t even work.

When would this be appropriate? Who wants the Eye of Sauron, red-chimpanzee fabric on their butt, or cutesy boobs?

Unless you’re planning a very sweaty Halloween or a very crazy Christmas, like most of the trending fashion looks on Pinterest, this look shouldn’t make the leap from your boards to your closet.

Huge, lush, romantic, stupid hair

23 May

How do you plan to style your hair for your forced-whimsical engagement shoot? Pinterest has tons of great ideas. Let’s start with this one, with a whopping 923+ repins, which I have christened the “Zooey Deschanel Gets the Dirty Twirlies After Four Flutes of Champagne”:

An image of an over the top, bouffant blonde hair style pinned to Pinterest

Break out the extensions, stamina and bump-its, ladies. This hairstyle requires much more than hair.

The goal of most hairstyles on Pinterest seems to be making your ‘do so big that you look tiny in comparison. Big hair–that is, bigger than your face and torso–is slimming.

But what if you want to go, GASP, even bigger?

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Rolling in the swamp

23 May

If you were invited to a “cocktail casual” tea party in a swamp, what would you wear? I know I have nothing in my closet for such an occasion.

Well, I thought I didn’t.


A pair of hideous brown, flared, layered pants pinned on Pinterest.

Layers, flare, a sash, and a touch of ruffle–what’s not to love?

105 re-pinners agree: these pants are hot. But, what if the party venue was changed last-minute from swamp to 90s revival party? What would you wear then?

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Sasquatch chique

9 May
A pin by Jesse, showcasing a chic woman in what looks like a yeti costume top, complete with white fur and black sheer netting.

True story, J B

You know what’s better than looking like a Yeti? Looking like a molting yeti. Yeah. “Primitive” style at it’s finest, and most literal.


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